Manufacturing Expertise

Advanced Process Controls

Qingling’s focus on product quality inspires continuous efforts to refine our processes to achieve the precision and consistency that our tapes are known for.

In our continuous process, substrate transfer, coating and drying must all be controlled precisely. We use state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained operators to meet our demanding standards.

Customized Tape Sizes

Qinglong has designed into their process the ability to configure the final product to meet the tape width and roll length that the customer desires. The final steps in production of slitting to the desired width and rolling to the desired length are accomplished on equipment that is set up for quick and easy changes.


In the laboratory, adhesive tapes for electrical purposes undergo a series of tests to check the electrical properties, adhesion, tensile strength, thickness, voltage endurance, flame retardancy, and other indicators, to ensure that you can use “Kewei” tapes with ease.
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